View this clip of Stephanie discussion why she and her coauthors wrote this book

Are you thinking of adopting an older child? There are over 100,000 hoping for families in the United States and millions worldwide. Adopting an older child, though, presents a unique set of parenting issues as well as rewards.

Adopting Older Children highlights the most significant challenges when parenting older adoptees who face mental health, behavioral and educational issues. Included is critical information about developmental concerns, issues related to emerging sense of self, sexual orientation and cultural identity and other special needs that an adoptee may have. This will help prospective parents be aware of concerns that can arise for their adopted children and help current parents deal with the difficulties their children may be facing.

Authors Bosco-Ruggiero, Russo Wassell and child welfare expert Groza deliver a comprehensive guide to navigating the domestic and international adoption processes, coping with transition and family dynamics and educating others about adoption. Adopting Older Children not only focuses on preparing the family unit but offers ways to better understand the personality, background and problems of your adopted child. It provides methodology to comprehend and cope with the traumatized child, grief and loss, attachment issues, development and learning, mental health concerns, physical health (fetal alcohol syndrome, abuse, etc.) as well as providing critical resource information for prospective parents (including single, LBGT or older adoptive parents).

Practical and extensive, Adopting Older Children furnishes key parenting strategies and insights in a clear, sensitive style, becoming the definitive resource for adoptive parents and professionals.

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