Personal growth in adoptive parents

Adoptive parents may experience profound personal growth as a result of adopting and parenting an older child. Adoptive parents become staunch advocates for their child’s learning, development, and health care and they develop new leadership and social networking skills. Their compassion for and understanding of other people’s struggles and pain may also grow as a result of the adoption experience. Parents who adopt transracially and/or transculturally may experience shifts in how they view other cultures or societies. Some adoptive parents end up becoming advocates for abused children, children in foster care or orphanages, and/or children living in poverty. Adoption changes parents for the better come to view the world through their children’s eyes. It is not unheard of for parents to feel such a profound sense of purpose from adopting that they end up adopting, three, four, or even ten more children!    

One thought on “Personal growth in adoptive parents

  1. ginny09 May 25, 2016 / 3:44 am

    All is True..However, the adopted parents will be dealing with dysfunctional disorders, trauma, grief, anger, mental health,and social challenges of these adoptees for the remainder of the adopted parents lives.
    The good part of this is…the health insurance company’s, the mental health practitioners, the car insurance company’s, the private tutors, et al., will make a lot of money that the public social system and tax payers do not have to pay.
    Overall, It would have cost less money to keep the original family together.
    And it would have created fewer mental health challenges.

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